A Bird Without Wings (09.05.2017)

Meticulously crawl under the covers
A force field shielding me from the world
Littered with the pain of lonely lovers
She was once a joyful little girl
Blissfully naive of the grey between colors

The pair of hands guiding me along
Are stripped from my life, no goodbyes
Now every answer I have is proven wrong
A bird without wings being forced to fly
Groping in the dark for the melody of its song

Chattering around the dining room table
The chandelier a microscope from up high
Where could I run to, if only I were able?
The light of my eyes no longer shine
I turn off my mind; intertwine a cat’s cradle

When your eyes close, where do you go?
Somewhere so far away from here
That mental escape; no one needs to know
Why you run, what in this universe you fear
I know I could survive, but even so

The chaos provides comfort no embrace can
A peace of mind not found in your words
I need to regenerate in solitude, release my hand
Only darkness can bring the hope I yearn
Only the dead can dry my tears and understand


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