The Void (18.07.2017)

The void that is dividing us

happens to be a friend of mine.

Loneliness, please say hello

to a man who is one of a kind.

The hidden ring morphs into rust,

a consequence of neglecting time.

I now have one to love, to know,

to convince me all will be fine.

Yet the void is an extension

of the burdens he wishes to alleviate,

a personification of the demons,

nightmares refusing to abate.

I wish to direct all my attention

to learn ways on how to relate,

how to forgive all my past wrongs,

work together to execute my escape.

Cradling me from dusk to dawn,

he tries with all of his might

to cross that void, access my soul,

keeping a happy ending in sight.

To the void he is merely a pawn

to further reject any light

for I seek comfort in its familiar pull.

Maybe one day I will make it right.


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