That Little Girl (16.06.2017)

Stretching over the edge
Before the sun stands up.
A clean slate, a cracking voice
Fresh coffee steaming in my cup
Feet jumping off the ice tile
Floor, I look up to the mirror
Shuttering at the stranger I see
I swore that I had known her

Years of butterflies in my gut
A giggle as genuine as joy
Endless cartwheels down the rolling
Hills; roughing up with the boys.
But soon the soul behind my eyes
Opened to all that was wrong,
Today that child is a mere memory
Where has the magic gone?

The magis that guided me through
mountains and battles of home
That made the future worth fighting for
Away from all that I have known
Reality emerged, no more tangible
Than cozy kingdoms just out of reach
Now I dance only with the shadows
Unable to practice what I preach

I plaster a smile to shade
The universe from my turmoil
Afraid of contagion, afraid of
Ruining the pure fertile soil
From which happiness blooms
And the folks around me thrive.
Slipping into the crowd,
I kiss that little girl goodbye.

May one day she come back alive.


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