Snow-covered mountain tops hide in the daytime dark
Faces frozen numb wander the streets seeking warmth
I am no longer alone, clearly you left your mark
But loneliness has a way of re-emerging from the depths

Of my soul, shattered for years I’ve managed to stay alive
A mix of coffee and lobster sneak up my cold red nose
Folks hustling on the streets just to get inside
Slipping off their boots to slither in socks thicker than my skin

Here has always been a dream that you made come true
But it’s hard when you survive through fantasy to see
You channel your whole heart into all that you do
Yet I have never been loved and cannot reciprocate to you

Please, I beg of you, leave me behind with the Vikings and ice
Use your genuine kindness to find that happiness you deserve
I am someone who is not whole and will pay the price
That is not you, there are better things, to smile brightly for

To laugh so loudly with – feelings of appreciation and joy
I am too beaten down to be built back up
You are no superhero, no prince, just a naive little boy
Trust me and fly high without me pulling you down

Soar high above the dark clouds lingering over my head
Be whole, be happy, somewhere far away from me
No more wasting time on a soul that might as well be dead
Make this world the better place we all yearn.



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