Unclear of my unconsciousness’ state
I use my strength to push you away
Retreating into my own induced haze

I groped in the dark long before you
Came along to turn my grey sky blue
There’s a whole other me you never knew

This girl smiled with her mind turned off
A moment of silence for her loss
Always comfortable in chaos

Here I stand, barely functioning
Keenly aware of the joy you bring
Yet unable to bloom come spring

Help me babe, I cannot breathe
The darkness lives inside of me
And I’ve lost all strength to break free

Patiently you watch and wait
For me to come and take the bait
Convinced that I determine my fate

Yet time goes on, you won’t get back
The love you give – now that’s a fact
I know you know, please drop the act

Unfortunately this is not a test
I love you too, this is for the best
Give your gentle soul its rightful rest

Please pack your things up quietly
Close the door before you leave
Go, this is your chance to be free.


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