Morning Commute (15.06.2018)

If two years ago you told me
I would be on this path to mediocracy
I would have scoffed at any indication
That I’d succeed beyond fucking crazy

Paths to greatness are not easily traveled

You must have the stamina, foundations sturdy

Only hardened through experience and failure

That I’m better off making it rather early

Two years ago the walls were closing in

Poisoning the air that would’ve allowed me to breathe

My only obsession became devising an end

Convinced the world would never have room for me

Now I’m told I have a chance to thrive

To make a difference, maybe even succeed

Will I follow through, embrace the change

To finally do what makes me happy?

Some part of me knows I’ll fuck up somehow

Drown all my promises in the sea

Self-destruct in ways that can’t be undone

Deepen the wound, watch it bleed

Until then I will embrace all the morning bells

That come with finally being able to see

The worth of all the talent and thoughts I bring

To the drawing board – hey, maybe one day I’ll lead